Experienced, qualified yoga teacher and workshop facilitator with an interest in nutrition and diet. Caring, enthusiastic Siromani Yoga with knowledge in Hatha yoga and over 10 years of experience guiding students to push their limits whilst remaining centred. 

Through pranayama and asanas and positive intention my objective is to have my students leave the class feeling re-energised and renewed. My yoga sessions are challenging physically and mentally, delivered in English Spanish or Italian, include minimal demonstration and hands on assists. I love weaving together postures, breathing, chanting, mudras, music, and meditation to help students feel more harmony in their minds and bodies.  

I am passionate about people‚Äôs wellbeing and I specialise in providing healthy lifestyle mentoring to enhance self-esteem, fitness levels and improve quality of life. I adopt a holistic approach and am able to deal with a broad range of clients with a positive attitude and great results. 

I work with individuals and companies to create tailor-made plans that will help you to shift and improve your health . I offer you practical suggestions on how to reclaim your health and vitality by using diet, exercise and simple home remedies. To achieve a truly balanced life style one must pay attention to your environment, sleep, nutrition, fitness and attitude.