Bebie Waller

Actingworks Director

I employed Paola to teach a weekly Kids Yoga club in Paddington. I have found Paola to be extremely reliable, professional and trustworthy. The quality of her work was consistently good and she is very knowledgeable. She has a lot of experience with both children and adults and was able to adjust her teaching style, when necessary, to accommodate both. She takes great pride in her work and was a valuable team member.


Satisfied Mom

Paola was employed to teach an Integrated Yoga Program for children with developmental challenges to my 5 years old son, a boy with autism. At first my son was reluctant to join in but Paola with patience and perseverance managed to engage and encourage him to enjoy activities he would normally avoid. Paola's sessions enhanced my child's function at home, school, and in the community. I have found Paola to be extremely reliable, professional and trustworthy. The quality of her work is consistently good and she is very knowledgeable in her field. Paola teaches with great compassion and love.


Long term student

I met Miss Paola Brunetti in 2007 and started my yoga practice with her since. Paola has been a very nurturing, kind, and insightful instructor. She challenges me in a way that addresses my best and brings out my best. To me the yoga classes with Paola had been very beneficial, my days are better when I do yoga. She provides precious advise on nutrition and wellness as well.

Mary Quo

Trance Dance Yoga

Paola was a great teacher for our afternoon dance class. Considering we are a class with a wide variety of ages and fitness levels. We all enjoyed her choices of music and the chance to dance to a wide variety of rythyms. She made it fun and I realised afterwards that i had done a lot more excercise than I thought I could do. We had a great laugh that day. It's just the way an excercise class should be.

Christian Gentile

Wellness - one to one sessions


I needed to improve my diet and general health because I was eating badly due to stress at work and my busy life style. In 2010, after seeing Paola regularly in for 12 weeks she had managed to teach me how to prepare veggie healthy meals quickly and how to turn my everyday activities into oportunities for exercise. My increased energy has helped me to work smarter and feel better.

Sarah Williamson

and daughter Emy

Yoga Games

I did not know what to expect when I went to the Yoga Games session at Swiss Cottage community centre. My 4yr old daughter and I had a great time trying out a variety of moves and postures. It was great to see how flexible my daughter is and it has inspired me to do more exercise. Thanks for a great afternoon!

Akua Ofosuhene,

Private yoga student

I went to see Paola for 15 sessions of one to one yoga classes to quickly bring me up to speed and losen my body. I found the classes invigorating. I slept really well after each session, I have continued to sleep well and know where to place additional pillows for added support. I have learned to stand tall and sit well and it has improved my posture. I would recommend Paola every time. My elderly mum is also enjoying her Yoga with Paola weekly sessions!

Krisztina Katal “Paola is a passionate, experienced, authentic yoga teacher. She not just teaches, she lives the yoga path. She is a wonderful person, compassionate teacher, especially great with children. I highly recommend her classes!”